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Multi Residential

AB Cavallier


Dubai, UAE


18,200 sqm

AB Cavalier offers a serene lifestyle to its residents with a peaceful and rwlaxed environment. This includes features such as well-maintained grounds, tranquil common spaces, and an atmosphere that is conducive to rest and relaxation. A building full of amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, or meditation room to help residents stay relaxed and refreshed. It also has green spaces or community gardens where residents can enjoy the beauty of nature. By creating an environment that prioritizes relaxation and calm, a building with a serene lifestyle can help residents live a more balanced and fulfilling life. AB Cavalier is an oasis in the city. This 11 storey, 162-unit mid-rise residential condominium in JVC introduces ZNera’s well-honed residential design sensibilities to Dubai. The architecture seeks to manipulate notions of interior and exterior space by seamlessly weaving twelve private swimming pools with generously appointed living spaces, integrating the natural elements of water, fire and light with interiors of crafted luxury.

AB Cavallier 1

AB Cavallier 2

AB Cavallier 3

AB Cavallier 4

AB Cavallier 5

AB Cavallier 6

AB Cavallier 7

AB Cavallier 8

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