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Mixed Use

Lucknow Landmark


Lucknow, India


65,000 sqm

A helical twist runs through the tower, with each rhomboid shaped floor plate aligned to gently shift the tower around its vertical axis. The twist reduces as the levels ascend, so that no two stories are completely aligned. This curvilinear form is in- tended to represent the centripetal forces of the three axis’s of the city converging at its base, creating a vortex living. The neutral façade scheme induces lightness to an elongated building and creates a vibrant dialogue with the surrounds. Inclined white columns running up either side of the twist provide a visual link to the white podium below that extends to the rear of the tower and holds a retail complex. A double façade of louvres and glazing deflect the sun, providing environmental control for each floor. When occupied the tower will host 500 office spaces.

Lucknow Landmark 1

Lucknow Landmark 2

Lucknow Landmark 3

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