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Multi Residential

Manzil Tower


Dubai, UAE


44,500 sqm

Located in Dubai’s down town, this building stands as a testament to the inextinguishable spirit of Dubai. Built within the old town district, it is the only structure which raises the silhouette of the traditional district within a much contemporary urban downtown. Designing and intervening in such a unique setup requires the utmost reverence for the remarkable traditional context, but also the vision and ambition to deliver a residential building worthy of its central setting. Downtown residence aims to re-energize the old town district center with the activation of this site through a combination of residential, retail, and various amenities.

The new 115-meter tower will rise towards the main axis leading to Burj and is complemented by a central plaza as a foreground in the old district. The podium of the tower will greatly enhance the experience of the foreground and surrounding context, coupling it with the existing Manzil hotel.

Manzil Tower 3

Manzil Tower 4

Manzil Tower 2

Manzil Tower 1

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