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Single Residential

Marassi Villas


Marassi, Egypt


500 - 800 sqm

The weekend house takes advantage of the site profile where the built mass is carefully juxtaposed to mediate with the landscape. The project becomes a homogeneous environment in which everything dissolves into a continuous flow of space. The boundaries disappear between the greens and inhabitable to extend the experience of the garden into the built form thereby reinforcing the immediate impression of an weekend retreat. The volumes overlook upon the landscape, water bodies, weaving and absorbing this complex landscape into an inhabitable whole. It is immediately evident of the architects’ strategy of choreographing a route in a series of visual movements.

Marassi Villas 1

Marassi Villas 2

Marassi Villas 3

Marassi Villas 4

Marassi Villas 5

Marassi Villas 6

Marassi Villas 7

Marassi Villas 8

Marassi Villas 9

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