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Futuristic Projects

Smog Tower


New Delhi, India

In a bid to improve Delhi’s noxious air quality, the proposal aims at adding a network of smog filtering towers through the entire city. The hexagonal grid follows the urban grid of Lutyen’s Delhi and each tower is meticulously placed at the key city node. The architectural concept proposes the network to span across the entire city of the national capital. The erected tower creates a volume of semi-clean air within a diameter of 2km. The entire arrangement comprises of the vertical air cleaners and a sky bridge which contains Hydrogen Generating Cells to power the towers.. The Smog Towers are specifically designed to remove Smog and contaminants from the air giving the inhabitants the ability to breathe in more of the pure oxygen that the body needs and less of the harmful pollutants that come along with it. Adding an air purifying network to the infrastructure is an intelligent and preventative solution towards making the city liveable for the future.

Smog Tower 2

Smog Tower 3

Smog Tower 4

Smog Tower 5

Smog Tower 6

Smog Tower 7

Smog Tower 8

Smog Tower 9

Smog Tower 10

Smog Tower 11

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