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Civic & Cultural

Vertical Mosque


Dubai, UAE


9,750 sqm

Islam embraces modernity because Quran encourages its readers to study and explore. Accordingly, Islamic architecture embraces the latest building technology, but without seeking to oppose historic building practices. Such balance between modernity and tradition makes room to explore endless opportunities to achieve a sacred experience. The sacred is experienced when a memory is triggered, or when there is an interaction between the believer and someone or something else in that space. A successful religious building or site is one that enables these “religious” experiences to happen. In turn, the spiritual transformations that occur there can convert what was once an ordinary space into a sacred one. The Vertical monolith explores new typologies and introduces a fundamental shift in approaching mosque design. It cautiously examines the essential components which constitutes a Mosque and introduces a vertical concept of connecting with the divine.

Vertical Mosque 1

Vertical Mosque 2

Vertical Mosque 3

Vertical Mosque 4

Krasta City
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