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Single Residential

Yas Villa


Abu Dhabi, UAE


2,900 sqm

Just a step away from the entrance, visitors will be taken on a journey to enjoy the architecture of the house. Located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Yas Villa presents architectural themes that experiment with gravity. From the beginning, the architecture of this house wanted to show that concrete which usually seems heavy can be designed in such a way that it looks light. Yas Villa has 3 masses which are divided based on their respective functions. If we enter the house area, there is an intersection that divides the entrance, the main living quarter, the service area, the front garden, and the back garden. So it feels there is a separation but still remains in one unit. The house itself is preceded by a semi-open foyer, framing a striking elevational view of the main building that houses the main living quarters.

Yas Villa 1

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