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Civic & Cultural

Guggenheim Helsinki


Helsinki, Finland


92,000 sqm

The Guggenheim Museum Helsinki emerges from the city’s fabric and transforms it by adding a new key space that links the park, cultural space, and the harbour. Taking advantage of the site, the Museum performs as a connector that combines different facets of the city. Retaining the spirit of the historic centre, the building’s base keeps a minimal profile, reinforcing the city’s building blocks and height. Two walkways extend from the park and street directly onto the upper surface of the podium, where an elevated, glazed hall spills out onto a cascade of seating areas that invite visitors to enjoy the sun and harbour view. The galleries cantilever out at a soaring height that retains a panorama view while creating an iconic image. Mediating between the land and the sea, the Museum animates the waterfront area by creating a nexus for Helsinki’s public and cultural space.

Guggenheim Helsinki 1

Guggenheim Helsinki 2

Guggenheim Helsinki 3

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