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Multi Residential

RYM Plot 10


Dubai, UAE


19,300 sqm

Plot B7.01.10 site’s location in Phase 1 of Rashid Yachts & Marina Development will place it within a thriving urban context, offering residents access to an array of amenities and services, including community retail, F&B, and recreational facilities. The plot is in the heart of the masterplan with one side interfacing with the bustling Central Plaza and two sides benefitting from stunning pool views. The plot sits along the unique Linear Pool that forms the lifeline of the masterplan. While the site will be bounded by future residential mid-rise developments, it will still benefit from filtered views of downtown Dubai and the Marina. The site’s proximity to the central plaza with F&B spill out terraces and well as beautifully designed public realm scattered with pools and lush green spaces will add to a resort like experience for its residents and make it a highly sought-after address.

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RYM Plot 10 10

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